Satellite LNB

An LNB is something that most people new to the satellite dish world aren't familiar with. In reality, though, it's one of the most important parts of the dish, and which type of LNB a dish has is something that should be investigated prior to purchasing a dish. If it isn't taken into consideration, you may need to make an LNB upgrade down the line.

Here at Bestway Satellite, satellite subscribers can purchase LNBs to install onto their dishes as replacements for existing stock LNBs or LNBFs. The LNB portion of the dish is mounted on the arm, which extends from the part commonly called the dish. LNB stands for low noise block down converter, and is the receiving end of the dish, sending out satellite programming to the receivers located in your home or place of business.

If you purchased a satellite dish without putting much thought into it--or because the dish was affordable--you likely purchased a single LNB unit. You probably realized quickly that like most other people, you have more than one television set in your home. For sending satellite programming to two or more television sets in your home, you will need to make a relatively inexpensive LNB upgrade.

At Bestway Satellite, you can find LNBs for Dish Network and DirecTV satellite dishes. Many of the LNBs carried here are dual versions, which are compatible with two receivers in your home. If you need additional outputs for up to four receivers, we also carry quad LNBs, giving you television programming on up to four television sets in your home. Please remember that in order for a dual or quad LNB to work, you will need a receiver at each television set.

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