RG6 Cable

To most people, there is no difference between an RG59 cable and a RG6 cable. In reality though, the RG6 cable (used for satellite-to-television connections) is thicker and shielded better than traditional cable television wire, which is RG59 cable. In the past, RG59 cable was installed as standard coaxial cable in homes, but in recent years, this has changed, with RG6 now becoming the standard for home coaxial cable connections.

Here at Bestway Satellite, you can find RG6 cable and accessories for connecting your satellite dish to the receivers in your home. If you're here to purchase a multi switch to connect your single dish to a number of receivers, purchasing a spool of RG6 cable is highly recommended. This is because when it comes to wiring, you always end up needing more cable than you anticipated.

We currently offer four types of RG6 cable on this website. The standard version is typical single RG6 cable with 60-percent aluminum braid and a copper-clad center conductor, which is swept-tested to 2.2 GHz. We also feature single RG6 cable with aerial/ground wire, along with dual cable, and dual cable with aerial/ground wire.

The standard RG6 cable color we sell here at Bestway Satellite is black, but if a lighter shade would fit in better with your decor, please contact us to discuss white RG6 cable. If you need more information about the different types of cabling and which one is right for your application, feel free to contact us. We strive to make the shopping experience here as easy and comfortable as it can be, whether you're an industry professional or a home satellite dish user.

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