Direct TV LNB

LNB is an acronym for low noise block downconverter. This is a device that attaches to satellite dishes and passes on the signal received by the dish to the receiver. What an LNB will do is take an entire band of microwave frequencies and output them at lower frequencies so a compatible receiver can obtain the signals properly. A single LNB will allow you to connect a single receiver, a dual LNB will allow you to connect two, and so on.

If you're a subscriber to Direct TV and you're looking to upgrade from a single LNB to a dual LNB, you can upgrade this part easily without replacing the entire dish. The Direct TV dual LNB that we currently offer here at Bestway Satellite is for dishes with a rectangular tube or LNB arm. This is actually the majority of Direct TV dishes, with the Hughes, Sony, and certain Magnavox dishes being the exceptions.

Here at Bestway Satellite, you can find an affordable DirecTV LNB to upgrade your current single LNB, or to replace your existing dual DirecTV LNB. While the price for this product is quite affordable when purchased on this website, don't be mistaken in thinking that it's an inferior product. The dual DirecTV LNB that we do offer is excellent quality and an affordable way to connect two DirecTV receivers to a single satellite dish.

Whether you're a consumer or a professional working in the industry, you will find a variety of related satellite parts, accessories, and equipment on this website. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and efficiency. If a customer places an order for an item that's in stock, it usually ships later that day. Combined with our extremely competitive prices, Bestway Satellite is hard to top for professional and commercial satellite TV equipment.

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